Monday, April 2, 2012

Here I am and here is April!

Hi!! No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Nor did I forget all of you! The last few weeks of March had me buzzing like a bee!

The boys party on the 24th was a huge hit! I'll get photos posted of the cake and they're reaction soon. A few days after the party, the preparation for the event hit me like a ton of bricks. Everyone knows how much work goes into planning a party and cleaning for it, it can be truly draining.
I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease in my lumbar spine which; especially during times of physical stress, can be trouble. I manage with medication, exercise and extreme care whenever I lift anything (including the kids). Sometimes though, I can not stop the discs from becoming herniated. This past Wednesday was the day they decided they'd had enough! I leaned forward to pet the dog and that was the end of me...

So on Friday, with the physical assistance of my loving husband, I went to see my wonderful Spine Specialist!! He's put me on a medicine which will hopefully get me back on track.

I did get the 75 jars of Strawberry jam made for my most recent wedding client AND just this weekend shipped a few samples out to a couple in Pasadena, CA who are interested in using my jams as their wedding favors. (I'm super excited about this!) Sadly though, I do need to slow things down for a bit which is why I didn't get any blogging done over the last week or so.

I do have a few articles lined up for this week and have my fingers crossed that as every day passes, my back improves and I do not need another spinal injection!

Here's what's on the plan for this week:

Morty the Moose is on the Loose! - how we celebrated the boys 2nd and 4th birthdays with family

How Re-purposed Jeans (and fleece) saved our Gardens! - with the sudden temp change into the 70s and 80s, our bulbs and other spring plants burst into action. Unfortunately though, the March temps returned and we had a number of nights in the low 30s, upper 20s. Here's how we saved our gardens from the cold!

Sneak Peek: Raspberry-Lemonade Jam - a little look into a new flavor I'm launching this season

I apologize for not having anything fresh and new for you lately, but I assure you I have lots in the line up with the new Jam season getting ready to begin!!

Happy Monday Everyone

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