Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Orders: March and April

When I started making Jam to sell, I saw it as a seasonal thing. Once winter arrived, I figured my little business would go into hibernation until the next season. Boy was I wrong!!

I was approached by the leader of the Children's Ministry at our church to make Mini Jars to be given as a favor for their Volunteers at the end of the year party. I made 100 jars for them in 5 different flavors!! At the same time, I received and email through Etsy from a lovely lady asking if I gave bulk discounts. She was interested in using jam as her wedding reception favor. What a wonderful idea!!
I had never thought of advertising my products for anything other than every day use, but Bethany had an awesome thought and I ran with it!

She and her husband were married in March and since making Raspberry jam and creating her custom label, I have had the honor of making Strawberry jam for an April Wedding and Apple Butter for a Baby Shower!!
It has been such a humbling experience sending my handmade products all over the country (and even overseas) to help celebrate a life event!! Thank you.

Here are a few photos:

Raspberry "mini" jars

My first wedding client's label. She asked for a Celtic style font and a bible verse. I was amazed that I was able to fit it all onto a 1 inch label!!

Apple Butter "mini" jars wrapped by the client to look like Apples!

 A Book Themed Baby Shower!! What a wonderful idea and Apple Butter worked beautifully to bring it all together.

 (4 ounce jars)

 An April wedding with Strawberry jam. This lovely couple had their own logo created to celebrate their union and asked me to use it in the creation of the label for their jam.

With the new picking season so close, I can only imagine the many ways you will come up with ideas of how to make your next event special with Fruitful Delights!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the apple themed baby shower! What a great idea and your apple butter was the best part of it. I am going to keep you in mind the next time I need party favors or giveaways :o) Great job Heather and congrats on all the new business!

    1. Thank you so much!! Tomorrow's post has a link to one of your awesome ideas, which inspired the boys' cake...