Jam in Action

Here is a collection of photos taken by myself and clients whom have used my homemade jams and spreads for events such as Weddings, Baby Showers, Anniversary celebrations and Birthday parties. Maybe you can find some inspiration from them for your next event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or through Etsy.


This wedding client asked me to incorporate her custom Logo into a label to be used on 4 ounce jars of Strawberry Jam. I was able to get the text above in the same pink that was one of her colors!!

 I created this label from scratch! The bride and I exchanged ideas for a few days and from the font to the Celtic knot was all put together especially for these Mini Jars filled with Raspberry Jam.


A Book Themed baby shower inspired this client to order Mini jars filled with Apple Butter to go along with her book for the party Ten Apples Up On Top. She wrapped them herself in red tulle and tied them each with a green ribbon so they'd resemble apples! Such a great idea!!

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