Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Arrived!!

The first day of the beautiful weather that has become the norm, I was suspicious! Connor and Liam played outside all afternoon and were tickled pink to not be trapped in the house anymore which made me worried what the next few days would bring . . . even BETTER weather!!

one of the many beautiful colors in our Spring Garden!
So, let the clean out begin. We leave the fall leaves in our flower beds over the winter to protect the bulbs from the pesky squirrels and the heavy snowfall we usually get. So the last few days I have spent slowly but surely getting them all cleared (and building up a nice sized compost pile in the process!) We're about halfway through now and what a difference the green of the tulips leaves popping up 6 inches above the ground has made to what was a dreary, brown and grey yard!

With the Boy's Moose party coming up in less than two weeks, I am very motivated (probably too much so) to get the yard totally cleared out of the winter debris so we can enjoy this wonderful weather during the party.

My mind has so quickly gone to what we are going to plant in our annual vegetable gardens!! Tomatoes and Bell Peppers are a must. I know for sure we have to plant more chives. I absolutely love them and use them year round. I was pretty sad when we had to start buying them in the store after we'd run out...there's nothing better than being able to use something you grew in your own yard to help enhance the flavor of your meal.

Here's a great idea for getting your seedlings started early!! Reuse Gallon Milk Jugs

Having a fresh vegetable garden is awesome and I love being able to go out and pick fresh veggies every day or so, but my Favorite thing about gardening is my container gardens. I just love being able to have a pot that pops up with the same wonderful perennial and then adding in some new, colorful annuals!! Our container gardens work double duty. They're beautiful to look at and add color to our back porch but they also serve as a "railing" since there isn't one...

Do you have a garden? What are your favorite things to grow?

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