Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Go Breakfast Sandwich

Where has this week gone? I know I posted on Wednesday that I would share the recipe and some photos of the Breakfast Sandwich that I found soon, I just thought it would be sooner than Sunday. My apologies.

The great thing about making something like this is you control what goes into it. So feel free to swap out ingredients, mix things up and come up with a recipe that suits you and your family. My goal was to find something that was quick and healthy for both myself and my husband. Steve leaves the house at 5 am most mornings and the last thing he's thinking about is a healthy kick start to his day. And I know all you moms can relate to either skipping breakfast or stealing a bite from your child's plate because it's hard to find the time to make something for you.

I made a batch for the freezer so we could grab one, toss it in the microwave or toaster oven and be back to the day quickly.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line  a cookie sheet or oven rack with split english muffins. Place one piece of thinly sliced ham (we used smoked) onto bottoms. Try to keep it from coming over the edge of the muffin. Top each slice of ham with 1 tablespoonful of shredded cheese. Toast in oven (or toaster oven) until cheese is melted and muffins are toasted.

If you're not a ham fan...try turkey or chicken...tuna would work too. I used Colby-Jack cheese but Swiss or any other hard cheese would be wonderful.

While the muffins are toasting, make your eggs. Keep in mind the goal is to make something healthy, so try to avoid fried eggs. You can make poached eggs, egg whites...I made scrambled, almost omelet eggs so that it wouldn't fall out of the sandwich.

Place your egg on top of the melted cheese....Valentine's Day is coming so I cut my eggs out in heart shapes. Yes, I'm just a little bit silly. Who's even going to see the eggs since the top goes onto the sandwich? I have no idea, but I thought it was cute!
For some extra flavor I've spread 1/2 teaspoonful of Guacamole onto the top buns. There's a little garlic and jalapeno in our guacamole and adds nice flavor to the eggs.

Wrap each sandwich in parchment or wax paper and either freezer or store in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

That was it!! Try mixing it up a bit, use tomato (not freezer friendly) or onions, different meats, hearty whole grain english muffins. I'm going to pick up some tortilla shells and make Breakfast wraps the next time they're on sale.

If you have a healthy on the go breakfast recipe, I'd love to hear what it is!

On the Go Breakfast Sandwich

For 1 sandwich you will need:

1 split English Muffin
1 thin slice Low Sodium Ham (or any healthy meat of your choosing)
1 Tbsp shredded cheese
1 egg, cooked to your liking
1/2 tsp guacamole *


Place ham onto bottom piece of muffin, top with cheese. Toast both pieces of muffin in toaster oven (or conventional oven preheated to 350) and toast until cheese is melted and muffin is toasted to your liking.

Prepare eggs

Place egg on top of melted cheese, spread guacamole on top muffin(if using) and put together.


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